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Nutty Fashion Store is a trendsetting Online Boutique Clothing Store originated from Malaysia, offering our exquisite apparel products and exceptional customer service to our customers from the comfort of their own homes. Our pricing line comes in a welcoming way, we source for raw materials and finished products around the world with diligence to indoctrinate everyone's wardrobe. Currently, 20-30% of the products are self-manufactured and we are moving forward in the coming future! We’re a business made up of innovators and forward-thinkers, with the drive and wherewithal to constantly update and improve the online shopping experience.

What does our Nutty means?

"Nutty – resembling nuts, especially on the taste of food. In slang, we define nutty as happiness, madness, crazy and the most explicit one - enthusiastic. We’re genuinely excited to deliver our products to every one of you and promptly make sure that everybody is enthused over your new look furnished by our collections."

Collections in Nutty Store

There are currently 5 collections in our store:

  1. Classical Collection: Outfits that are coped with simplified and classic designs for daily wears
  2. Aura of Elegance Collection: Outfits that are grander and often in premium quality for more ladylike wears
  3. Hot n Chic Collection: Outfits that are prone to sexy and cool that make yourself hot and chic!
  4. Love Yourself Collection: A collection that allows you to pamper yourself during the night time, sleepwear and lingerie!
  5. Accessories Collection: Something to add-on for you to enhance your overall outfit! 


In addition, n u t t y has Pre-order line for the not-rushing-one. Our team will work closely to keep an eye on the parcel progress as well as to keep you up-to-date on your order respectively.

Also, our back-order will be initiated when the product is highly demanded (It is definitely requisite to restock for you because we know you want them!). 

Rewards from us when you purchase

As you purchase with us, every RM 3 you spent will be entitled and received as RM 0.01 credits in your account! Have a pleasant day and enjoy shopping online at n u t t y!


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Customer  Services

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